stg series [options] [--] [<patch-range>]


Show all the patches in the series, or just those in the given range, ordered from top to bottom.

The applied patches are prefixed with a + (except the current patch, which is prefixed with a >), the unapplied patches with a -, and the hidden patches with a !.

Empty patches are prefixed with a 0.


--branch BRANCH

Use BRANCH instead of the default branch.


Show all patches, including the hidden ones.


Show the applied patches only.


Show the unapplied patches only.


Show the hidden patches only.

--missing BRANCH

Show patches in BRANCH missing in current.


Print the number of patches in the series.


Show a short description for each patch.


Show the author name for each patch.


Before the +, >, -, and ! prefixes, print a column that contains either 0 (for empty patches) or a space (for non-empty patches).


Append the branch name to the listed patches.


Do not show the patch status prefix.


List just the patches around the topmost patch.


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)